BIG SPIN-"Indoor Cycling in a Big Way"

Where: Wellness Center at Baptist  Map here.
When: Saturdays 8--10:30am
Dates: Every Saturday starting January 16 (2010)
Registration: free to Group Training participants / others $15 single session

Bike and trainer required.
Trainer rent-to-own and pro shop by ACME Multisport

Why spin when you can BIG SPIN? This is training for road triathlon cycling taught by expert athlete/coaches, following appropriate periodization. The emphasis will be on aerobic base, technique instruction, and drills.  But we won't forget to have fun.  These sessions will sometime include transitions (swim, run) so come prepared.  We will also sometimes add strength training into the mix. 

---2-3 hour stationary trainer bike session.
---Technique instruction and drills
---ACME Multisport pro shop and trainer rent-to-own.  ACME MULTISPORTS will have spinning supplies for sale (body glide, tri shorts, trainers for rent, bikes for test ride, etc.)
---Swim and run transitions (LOTS of them). Before your next tri you will do 75+ transitions.
---Core strength sets, AB LAB, obliques, low back
---Bike fitting and adjustments from FIST certified tri-fitter
---FITNESSWAVE VO2 testing, RMR, body comp. While at Big Spin you can get your VO2 tested (extra fee).
---Awesome music
---Post-ride stretching

Other Guests Coaches and Co-hosts will be there to help make every week a memorable experience.

Fitnesswave at BIG SPIN

I demonstrate a VO2 test with Fitnesswave at the first BIG SPIN.  Contact Fitnesswave here if you want to get a VO2 test during BIG SPIN.

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