Ultimate Body Transformation
399.00 for 12 weeks

*A new STtrainer program that offers the most reliable testing methods along with the best in fitness training.

Combine FitnessWave assessments with Stephen Taylor's expertise in fitness training and what do you get?  The absolute best program to transform your body available in Nashville, TN.  Stephen has coached each Winner of the FitnessWave BC Challenge and now we have joined together to bring you the Ultimate Body Transformation Program!

What can you expect from participation in this program?
  • Average Weight Lost-  9lbs +
  • Average Drop in Body Fat-  3%
  • Average Fat Mass Lost-  8.5lbs
  • Average Body Comp Change-  10%
Keep in mind these are previous results BEFORE the inclusion of STtrainer fitness training.  This is from the previous package with testing only.

Check out everything you get in this package:
-3 Hydrostatic Body Fat Tests (Initial test, Final test, & Gift Cert for 1 add'l test)
-1 Resting Metabolism Test that tells you how many calories you need to eat
-Consultation with Stephen Taylor
-12 weeks of group training at The Wellness Center at Baptist Hospital
      -includes: 4-5 morning sessions Mon-Fri 5:30am
                    3 evening sessions on Tuues-Thur 5:30pm
                    5 water aerobics sessions on Mon/Wed/Fri 9am and Mon/Wed 5:30pm

-Weekly newsletter with great nutritional info