Parthenon in Centennial Park

Meet at the end of the Parthenon, at the OPPOSITE end from the museum entrance. Parking nearby across the street.

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5.5 Mile Loop in MetroCenter

Boat Ramp at Shelby Bottoms Park

Google Map to Shelby Bottoms Park

Cook Recreation Area

We will meet at Cook Recreation Area for open water swim, bike workouts, and transition practice.

To get there, take I-40 to Exit 221 Old Hickory Rd and turn SOUTH---next turn LEFT on Bell Road---Turn RIGHT on S. New Hope Rd---Turn RIGHT on Stewart's Ferry Road---Turn LEFT on Old Hickory Blvd and take it STRAIGHT to the roundabout.  (Distance from I-40 to Cook is 4 miles.)  Cook MapMyRide.

Dave Scott Bricks on the Natchez Trace Parkway
Start from Garrison Creek Rest Area

Percy Warner Park Belle Meade Entrance

Also known as the "Stone Gates," "Stone Stairs," or "Flag Pole" entrance.

Google Map link here

Directions to Parking Location and Route Map for Bell's Bend 10K TT

The first map directs you to the parking location.  Please use the map and pan out to see the location, also read these written directions. 

From Nashville you will need to take Briley Parkway (the easiest way to get to Briley is take I-40 West, exit and turn right at the White Bridge Pike exit....go about 3 miles to Hyde's Ferry Pike/Ashland City Hwy/Hwy 12 then exit and turn left going west (towards Ashland City....go about 2.5 miles and turn left at Old Hickory Blvd (you go under train tracks when you turn left, there is a big convenience store on the right.) Take the first right on Old Hydes Ferry Pike and look for my car around the church parking lot.