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Training Group Coaching

This simulates the highly successful model of charity training groups, without having everyone asking for donations from co-workers. Athletes know you achieve far more when you train with others under the watchful eye of a coach. STtrainer Training Groups provide a great value to fit the coaching budget.  We offer personalized attention, high quality workouts, and motivational accountability.  Group camaraderie supports and challenges you. 

Training Group Topics may include: Ftness Walk/Run, Marathon Training, Fitness Swimming, Triathlon, Strength Training, Navy Seals

Corporate Challenge Team Development
It is not enough just participate in an exercise program….get out there and participate in events! Corporate Challenge is the key component for motivating employees and elevating the profile of the company.  The key here is to promote Corporate Challenge Events (5K, half- or full marathon, charity bike rides, triathlons) and outfit participants with a uniform that identifies them with your company.  Corporate Challenge Team consists of the core Training Group, but also all employees who want to attend the event. 

Motivational Fitness Speaking
Having trained hundreds of athletes and spoken in front of thousands at triathlon clinics, I can bring that information and inspiration to your company.  Not only myself, but I arrange speakers on a variety of topics so your employees learn the information they propel them to their goals.

For more information or to enroll your company contact:
Stephen Taylor, Nashville, TN- Owner
Phone: (573) 268-3269
e-mail: triathletepro@gmail.com

Next Corporate Fitness Event:

STtrainer is proud to partner with I Run For The Party events for corporate fitness. 
Halloween 5k October 18, 2008

The best part of this program is that your company is competing for charity benefit!  The company that has the highest participation (total # of registrations) will have $500 donated to a charity of choice in the company's name. 

All you need to do is register for an I Run for the Party Event at the link above.  On the registration form check yes to participate in the Corporate Challenge.  Then list your company name (e.g., Baptist Hospital, HCA, Vanderbilt, St Thomas Hospital, etc.) 

Then attend a STtrainer Fun Run clinic or organize your own training groups!

Corporate Fitness Philosophy

You are well aware of the need for healthy, high-functioning employees.  Absenteeism and insurance costs cut into performance.  A fitness program can address this goal, and here is how we propose to do it:  

Accessibility: Many people do not know how to start or expand their exercise routine. Others need coaching on safe exercise practices.  We provide access to multiple fitness opportunities whether in a training group with colleagues, with an individual personal trainer, or at a corporate challenge event.  By offering CONVENIENT fitness opportunities, you set the stage for a corporate culture of fitness, where exercise is the norm.

Accountability:  People succeed when they make time for fitness.  An APPOINTMENT with a personal trainer or training group gives you an extra “push” for attendance.  As camaraderie with the training group grows and you see result, you begin to feel your own personal commitment increase.  You will want to exercise.

Appropriate Programming: The sad truth is an incorrect exercise program can be ineffectual at best, even harmful.  As your corporate fitness provider, we provide SAFE and EFFECTIVE training tailored to the goals, needs, and interests of your employees. Goals include meeting the demands of daily life, and target issues of workplace ergonomics (knees, back, wrists, neck) specific to the demands of corporate life.

Advancing Corporate Culture: Remember this is not just training the physical fitness of your employees.  I cultivate overall PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.   When someone succeeds at fitness goals their entire life becomes more energized.  My training in counseling psychology, executive coaching, organizational development, and stress management will be utilized in the overall corporate fitness program you receive.  The bottom line is that these programs are effective and fun.