Fundamentals of Swimming Training Group  

New Block Begins June 1  ($99/month)

This class is perfect for beginning swimmers.

Meeting Time: Mondays 6:30-8:00pm

Location: Wellness Center at Baptist

Note: You will have the option to purchase a TriathlonDVD at wholesale rate of $40.

Fundamentals of Swimming Training Group combines the best of both worlds: a DVD-based instructional training system with in-person coaches.  Each week your homework will be to review a chapter on the TriathlonDVD, then practice the homework card.  At group practice that week we will review your progress, correct any errors, and get a fun swim conditioning workout in. 

This class will begin with the Fundamentals....the very basics beginning with feeling comfortable in the water and breathing rhythm.  After that we work on balance, kicking, streamlining, and arm stroke.  We will even cover flip turns and open water swimming technique.  In 2 months you will be a whole new swimmer.

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