January 11- March 17  (10 weeks; 249.00)

Register for Group Training with STtrainer and you get the cafeteria plan.  This means you can attend MBSS and any other classes you wish, all for one low price.  Schedule here. 

What is MBSS?

It is a strength and stretch program that suits your endurance training lifestyle.  This program is so far away from your high school gym class you won't believe it.  We use multisport specific, functional, and core strength exercises. 

You will receive written homework notes as the program changes each week, so your body continuously gets stronger.  Learn the new exercises each week.  Homework sessions are short, only 30-40 minutes.

This is a great program for off-season training for cyclists/triathletes, or during a marathon training period.

MBSS is designed to compliment...your other endurance training.  Attend, Triathlon Level I, Level II, Fundamentals of Swimming, and/or Navy Seals.....and include MBSS as part of your program.