On-line Coaching/Training Planning

Includes E-mailed workouts, phone, and e-mail contacts. 

Registration: 100/month; 60/month if currently enrolled in an STtrainer Group
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On-line coaching offers you the expertise of an experienced coach, personal trainer, and competitive athlete in helping you to strategically design your training program. Many people approach a training goal in a haphazard manner. They listen to their friends and other so-called experts who may or may not have valid expertise.  To achieve greatness you need to have the big picture in mind, and the point of view of someone who will help you reach your goal. 
The emphasis of on-line coaching is to make sure you use your training in a strategic and efficient manner.  No one has all the time in the world to train. So let's make sure you do the important workouts, and don't waste your time on counterproductive "junk miles."  I use principles of specificity and periodization to target your workouts.  I'll make you work harder than you would have, do longer sessions than you thought possible, then I'll make you rest when it really counts. 
You'll receive workout plans for every week, and I revise your plans as needed to fit YOUR schedule.  And you are able to e-mail and call me as needed to answer your questions.  Think of it as a coach-on-call.

For More Information Contact:

Stephen Taylor, STtrainer owner
Cell: 573.268.3269
E-mail: triathletepro@gmail.com

Mix and Match Options to Reach Your Goals

STtrainer strives to provide you the highest quality coaching at affordable prices.  We offer a variety of coaches and services so that you can construct a training program to meet your personal goals. 

Services offered:
On-line Coaching/Training Planning
Personalized 1-on-1 Session
Training Groups
Tri Bike Fitting
V02 Max Testing