General Fitness Training

ON-LINE REGISTRATION:  http://sttrainer.rd20.com/

(Registration $50-75 per session.) Upon reading this website, don't make the mistake that we only train endurance athletes and elite competitors.  My methods were first developed for general fitness participants.  The benefits of exercise are well documented...are you receiving them?  What kind of general fitness clients do I work with?

• People with injuries or health problems
• People who have not exercised for many years
• People who were once in good shape but have lost motivation
• People want to get in shape but do it properly without injury
• People who want to get started with the basics, but might want to do a running race or triathlon at some point.

Read about one client here.

Personal training is not only for the wealthy and elite status.  I work hard to make personal training affordable by arranging workout buddies (split the cost) and training groups.  Not everyone I train moves on to doing endurance sports but many do. 

I am the Personal Training Manager at the Wellness Center at Baptist, where I supervise 6 personal trainers.  Let me match you with a trainer who fits your interests and schedule. 

Stephen Taylor, Nashville, TN- Owner
Phone: (573) 268-3269
e-mail: triathletepro@gmail.com

Mix and Match Services to Reach Your Goals

STtrainer strives to provide you the highest quality coaching at affordable prices.  We offer a variety of coaches and services so that you can construct a training program to meet your personal goals. 

Services offered:
On-line Coaching/Training Planning
Personalized 1-on-1 Session
Training Groups
Tri Bike Fitting
V02 Max Testing