Triathlon Bike Fitting 

Read a triathon chat room discussion on triathlon bike fitting: link here.

Let me ask you a question: How much would someone have to pay you to NOT ride your bike ever again?  A thousand dollars? A hundred thousand dollars?  A million dollars? 

I am willing to bet that the price is pretty high.  That time is valuable to you.  Then why would you settle for anything less than being totally comfortable during that time?

Stephen Taylor is now a FIST-Certified Triathlon Bike Fitter.  He will fit you to your bike the way a TRIATHLETE should ride, not the way a road cyclist should ride.  With almost 10 years experience as a triathlon coach and personal trainer, he has the applied physiology experience to know how to make the bike fit comfortable, powerful, and injury-free. 

There are a lot of misconceptions about tri bike fitting in the retail world, and a LOT of bad tri positions when people are fit there.  It is no surprise that athletes buy a tri bike then bring it to me to fit them. 

I guarantee that after an STtrainer bike fitting you will be in the most comfortable positon on your tri bike.  If this is not the case I will refit you until it is done right.  If I can't fit you better than anyone else, then I will give you your money back.  My bike fitting is done using a Computrainer Spinscan Analysis, videotaped, and documented.  The whole process will take at least two hours, and you will be riding your bike for at least an hour.

Tri Bike Fitting: 200.00

More info:
Stephen Taylor, owner
Cell: 573.268.3269
E-mail: triathletepro@gmail.com