Triathlon Level 1
(Amazing Things Start Here)

Learn the Fundamentals
Next block begins Tues June 8, 2010.
Next focus race will be Music City Triathlon

Register for TRI L1 and you can attend any STtrainer training session.  [Link here.] 

Registration is month-to-month for 99.00/month. Sign up at the front desk of the Wellness Center at Baptist Hospital.

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Current Focus:
Triathlon Level 1 is the premier training program for beginning and neophyte triathletes in Nashville.  Begin or advance your triathlon career by developing a solid grasp of triathlon fundamentals.  Sign up now to begin training for the McMinnville Triathlon or any other beginner-friendly triathlon in the spring.  A new 3-month block of instruction begins March 2. 

Event Goals:
Team Magic Races [calendar link here] and other sprint-olympic distance races. You can also do a different race if you prefer, but coach ST and the club will target the Team Magic Calendar.

General Description:
Triathlon Level I is a triathlon training group that will help you get started in the sport and even achieve personal greatness.  Don't reinvent the wheel or guess what is the best way to train.  Join with other beginners and intermediates to receive expert quality instruction.

Each meeting of the group will consist of technique instruction, discussion mini-lectures, and plenty of training.  You will get started faster, improve faster, and reach your personal goals faster working with coach Stephen Taylor and other mentor coaches.

Imagine yourself on the edge of the water on race day.  You are totally prepared and completely rehearsed for what is about to happen next...a great race.  In one paragraph it is impossible to list everything that you will learn in this class.  Rest assured all the details will be covered.  You will be mentally and physically ready in every way.
The best part about this program is that it is such a great value.  Rather than raising money for charity-based program, with STtrainer you simply pay a registration fee and everything is included: training plans, expert instruction, guided workout sessions, a coach on call...even support on race day morning when it counts!

Training Groups FAQS.

Directions to Wellness Center at Baptist here.