Ongoing.  99.00/month.

TRIATHLON LEVEL II (Tri L2) is a new concept in triathlon coaching.  This program is targeted towards the intermediate-advanced multisport athlete.  To be considered for TRI L2, you must be training for olympic distance to ironman distance.  You also should show potential for being competitive in your age group. 
The beauty of Triathlon L2 is that it gives you plenty of room to grow in the STtrainer program.  Most people start out with individual and Level 1 coaching, but at some point your fitness and experience will outgrow it.  These people graduate to Tri L2 and continue to see improvement well past the scope of a typical beginner-oriented training group.

Tri L2 workouts are the nights where the workouts are faster, longer, and harder than anything else during the week. Sometimes a Level 1 participant can attend one of the workouts and do a modified verison.  At other times, there is no way.  Examples of Tri L2 workouts include long runs, open water swims, intensity time trialling on tri bikes. 

EVENT GOALS: Team Magic Events, Memphis in May, Gulf Coast, Ironman 70.3, Ironman Distance.

DESCRIPTION: Each session will consist of a combination of discussion mini-lecture, technique instruction, and conditioning workouts.  Tri L2 assumes an existing grasp of the fundamentals; L2 workouts take you to extremes of training, pushing you to the mental and physical limits.


Stephen Taylor, Nashville, TN- Owner
Phone: (573) 268-3269
e-mail: triathletepro@gmail.com