Ultramarathon Nutrition and Training by Jamie Dial

From The Trail Guru....

Average Week

Monday- REST

Tuesday- Easy 45-60 min (5-7 miles) Zone 1/2

Wednesday- Track 1m w-up, 1-3 miles of speed, 1m cool down (3-5 miles) Zone 2-4

Thursday- Easy 45-60 min (5-7 miles) Zone 1/2

Friday- REST

Saturday- Trails 1-5 hours (6-24 miles) Zone 2/3 *Percy/Edwin Warner, WALK hills

Sunday- Trails 1-2 hours (6-12 miles) Zone 2/3 *Grass, other trails


Overall Mileage- 25-55 miles per week


Nutrition For Long Runs


1 bottle of water/sports drink per hour minimum

1 gel per 45-60 minutes

1 bottle recovery drink at finish (within 30 min.)

Practice with breakfast (must be thru with nutrition 1 hour before run)

Think about ways to get 200-400 calories per hour during long runs