Women's Triathlon Training

Meeting Time: 10AM-Noon, Thursdays

Meeting Location: Varies by week, including Baptist Wellness Center, Centennial Park, other locations. See what we are doing this week.

99/month:  Go to the front desk Wellness Center at Baptist, or contact Stephen Taylor. 

Event Focus: STtrainer does not train you for 1 event, we train you to become the athlete you want to be.  As such, we recommend a season-focus consisting of Team Magic Events: JCC Triathlon, Old Hickory, Music City Triathlon, McMinnville, and Cedars of Lebanon.  You can also choose other races that fit your schedule, including possibly increasing to olympic and half iron distance, half marathon and marathon.

What You Get: Complete triathlon training program in the company of other strong women.  The option to participate in ANY STtrainer workouts that you wish to attend.  Organized group training sessions with expert coaching.  All-female group camaraderie.   Coach on-call via phone/e-mail.  Written training plans.