STtrainer Training Groups: Pictures and FAQs

What are the benefits of Group Training?
*High quality coaching at a great value
*Camaraderie with other group members who can challenge and encourage you
*No fund raising required
*Your very own coach on-call via e-mail/phone when you have questions
*Written training plans

What if I won't be able to attend every class?
When I first began offering group training 10 years ago, I offered ONE two hour session each week for 25.00.  Due to the popularity and number of participants, I am now able to offer 12+ sessions each week.  So if you attend one session per week you are getting full value.  If you attend two or more sessions per week you are getting an EXCEPTIONAL value.  

I am worried that I will be too slow/fast for the Group.
Every group includes a range of ability levels, that is what makes the group compelling!  Talk with an STtrainer coach to help ensure the group is the correct level of challenge for you.  Every STtrainer workout is designed to accomodate a range of abilities, so that you can train to your ability without holding back or having to wait for other riders of a differing ability level.  Workouts are designed for maximum safety and supervision of all participants.

I have a busy schedule and am afraid that I will miss too many classes.

Training Groups offer maximal flexibility.  If you will have to miss a whole week, you can attend extra sessions the next week.  The flexibility of Group Training gives you maximal flexibility and choice. 

You can also contact Coach Stephen for input on what to do for periods when you are unable to attend group sessions. You receive coach-on-call as part of STtrainer Group Training.

What is the cafeteria plan?

This means that each week offers a variety of sessions (swim, bike, run, combos, strength, stretch.) Some sessions are geared to beginners, some emphasize the advanced athletes.  The main thing to remember is that there are so many options to choose to from that some of the workouts will be perfectly suited to YOU.

Which class should I take?

Consider your goals, what you need to improve upon, and what times you have available to work out.  We offer morning, evening, and even weekend workouts.  If you are still unsure, contact an STtrainer coach here.

Do I have to be a member of a certain fitness center to participate?
Admission to Wellness Center at Baptist is included in the monthly registration.   Most training groups require you to do additional outside workouts, and you can complete these where ever your "home" is. 

How do I sign up for a training group?
Register at the front desk of Wellness Center at Baptist.  You can pay month-to-month with direct draft (cancel any time with 30-day notice), or preregister for a minimum of 3 months.

Will I receive a written training plan?

For many Training Groups you will also receive a written training plan to follow.  This plan will be general to the group and follow a pre-determined race schedule.  If you need additional customization for your plan we offer individualized training plans for $60/month if you are in a training group. 

How much is registration?
All classes are $99 per month. This includes the cafeteria plan, training plans, phone/e-mail consultation with your coach.