I have partnered with FTP Coaching for all Nashville-based endurance training.  Please contact them at FTP Coaching for more information.  *Note: This is the ONLY coaching service that I am referring my Nashville clients to. 

Elements of a Successful Group Training Program

Endurance coaching and fitness training programs are successful these days.  There is a high demand for supportive programs to help you with your personal improvement at events like beginning running, half and full marathons and traithlons.  What are the hallmarks of a successful program? 

The first important element is YOUR commitment.  Committing to your goal and committing to the program should be closely aligned.  Make sure your schedule (including work and family demands) enables attendance.  You won't be doing 100% of your workouts with the team.  It may only be 1 workout per week.  But regular contact with your coach and team mates is an important facet.  

Now you are training under the watchful eye of your coach.  Make sure that you are focusing on learning the purpose and structure of workouts.  At team workouts you may be working on conditioning, technique, or both.  What is the focus for today's workout? Drills?  Intensity?  Going farther or faster?  Follow the workout structure closely and avoid the temptation to leave early or modify things. 

Give the program time to work.  It doesn't take sophistication to stand over you and say "go harder."  What is actually happening is your coach is designing a series of workouts that will over time lead to the improvement you desire.  If you aren't sure how a particular workout fits YOUR goals then talk to your coach.

Finally, remember your team mates are there to help you improve.  Get to know them and work together.  When you encourage a team mate, that mojo comes back to you ten fold.  Training with a team will allow you to simulate things that are not possible when training solo. 

Classes in the STtrainer Coaching Program

AB LAB: 45 minute session focusing on core strength, abdominals, obliques, lumbar, and gluteals. 

Triathlon Level I: Multisport training group for the beginner-novice triathlete.  Focus is on learning the fundamentals along with overall health and fitness.

Triathlon Level II: Workouts geared towards more competitive and experienced triathletes, including short-course, long-course, and ultra-distance. 

Runners' Training Group: This is a very beginner-friendly running group focusing on the fundamentals of running.  Open to walkers, walk/run, joggers, beginner through half-marathon.

Intensity Runs: Periodized running intensity which incorporates short hill repeats, long hill repeats, tempo repeats, and group/pack-strategy runs.  These sessions are most appropriate if you have 2-3 months of base training completed.

STX Ropes: Suspension training strength workout involving high intensity core, joint stability, and functional movement. This type of training was recommended by triathlon world champion Eric Bell.  Try it.

Strength/Stretch: It is that time of year, build and tone muscle, prevent injury, and regain balance within the body.  Utilizes machines and free weights.

Fundamentals of Swimming: This is a chance to improve your swim technique without having to focus on extensive conditioning or triathlon training.  A smart focus if you need work on your swim abilities.

Aerogility: Explosive and highly coordinated drills that are perfect for anyone desiring an intense workout.  Includes box jumps, medicine balls, plyometrics, stretch cords, walking and running drills.  One of my favorite classes to teach because I am exhausted afterwards.

Big Spin: Link here.