Navy Seals Extreme Fitness

Ongoing.  $99/month.  Registration at the front desk of Wellness Center at Baptist
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Go to the extreme...

Spring 2009 Program Will Emphasize:
Running Intensity Training: Develop speed and strength to enhance your triathlon, half marathon, or marathon goals.

Swim Intensity: Fitness swimming, cross training, or triathlon training.

Strength Training: Full body, explosive, and "true the wheel" strength training.  Stretching and yoga.

When people experience Navy Seals, it makes an impact...on their muscles, endurance, and mental toughness.  Whereas some programs train you gently, Navy Seals hits you like a sledgehammer.  What kinds of workouts will you do in Navy Seals? 
The best way to describe Navy Seals is that it is a lighter version of triathon, with intense strength and flexibility training thrown in.  It is no surprise that the real Navy Seals recruit from triathlons, mountain bike races, and adventure races.  These activities take you to the extreme of human fitness.   

Event Goals for 2009 Navy Seals:
*Tom King Half Marathon, Country Music Marathon
*Memphis in May, Team Magic Events
*Half Marathon, Ironman Ultra Marathon
*Boston Marathon
*Special Forces Training (Air Force Para Rescue)

This isn't a class for beginners or people who need to be coddled.  If you are already fit, and you want to take your fitness to an elite level, consider joining this group.  Several of the participants in Navy Seals Extreme Fitness have now taken 3-4 10-week sessions of the class because they keep seeing improvement
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Stephen Taylor, Nashville, TN- Owner
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