Music City Triathlon
New Venue in Downtown Nashville
Sunday July 26, 2009

Prepare for this event with STtrainer.  Gain the peace of mind with a COMPLETE triathlon training program.

How it works:
STtrainer has 8+ training sessions per week in swimming, cycling, running, and strength/stretch.  Register for the program and then select the sessions that most closely fit your schedule and training needs.  Read the overview of all training sessions here. 

The real strength of this program is that for one low price you get everything you need for effective training: supervised workouts in all three sports, individual attention when you need it, written plans, camaraderie, even a team identity.  More over you get this at a relative bargain compared to rival programs. Compared to charity-based training programs, you get a results-focused program without having to ask your friends and family for donations. 

When can I start?:
You can start any time.  The sooner the better.  Officially we will kick off the Music City Triathlon training group on Monday June 1, but training sessions are already occurring every week. If you have a specific area of weekness that you need to work on, don't hesitate.  Again, the sooner you start the better.  See what we are doing this week.

How much?: Registration is $99/month.  That gives you the option of many group training sessions per week, e-mail/phone access to your coach, written training plans, team schwag, and more.  This program is a great value for everything you get.

Who is this program for, beginners or advanced?:
Both.  We have advanced triathletes training for multiple ironman races, and we also have total and complete novices.  Most likely you fall somewhere in between, and you will fit in just fine with the group.

More questions?  Contact the coach, Stephen Taylor, here.

Team Magic Triathlons link here.