VO2 Testing

VO2 Testing gives you accurate scientific information to determine your aerobic and anaerobic zones.  This helps you target your training intensity so you will get the most from your efforts.  Don't make the mistake to train too hard or too easy for your goals. 
If you are training for marathon, 1/2 or full Ironman, or ultramarathon, this testing is essential!
We partner with Fitnesswave Mobile Testing.  Services available include:
VO2 Test Bike on Computrainer (with watts)
VO2 Test Run on Treadmill
Resting Metabolic Rate
Hydrostatic Body Fat (the "dunk method")

SCHEDULE A V02 or other test with Fitnesswave

Mix and Match Programs to Achieve Success

STtrainer strives to provide you the highest quality coaching at affordable prices.  We offer a variety of coaches and services so that you can construct a training program to meet your personal goals. 

Services offered:
On-line Coaching/Training Planning
Personalized 1-on-1 Session
Training Groups
Tri Bike Fitting
V02 Max Testing